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Hardware installation and management

Do you need help in purchasing your new computer?
Do you need help installing your PC or printers?
Do you need help in setting up your network?
Biksafe can manage the whole process for you. Our experienced engineers will unpack, check and install your PC, at the most convenient time, for you.
We offer simple, fixed pricing for installations on quantities and requirement, to help you keep control of cost and time.

Computers can create a competitive advantage or a disadvantage if the equipment or programming can not be changed to suit your needs. We consider your long-range strategy or needs in providing a suitable service for you.

Contact us now for that new computer, installation, support or advice.

But first, read the following scenarios.

Scenario one:

You decide to buy a new computer or accessory, perhaps as a gift for a loved one or just to treat yourself. You’ve being itching to get a new computer and throw away that Amstrad CPC664 – oh, may be not that old, but old and near useless nevertheless. So, you up and go to your local computer store. The sales person takes a look at you and start throwing jargons at you like alphabet soup, without waiting for you to breathe! After telling you what to buy (not exactly what you need, but, you get it, precisely what he needs to sell to earn his commission), that same sales person slaps on some extended service contracts and "must have" devices and software. Phew! You leave the store paying twice as much as you budgeted. More injury, you have to set the components up yourself, with a manual that is on a CD!
Now, you can’t set up your over-priced computer because you need the manual that you can only read after setting up the computer!
What’s the point?

Scenario two:

Ever wondered why computers seem to develop problems a day after the warranty expired?
Now, your computer has developed a problem. Suppose it is still under warranty – just. You call the helpline. After all, that is what they are for – to help you. Wrong. After waiting on hold for several minutes, listening to some cheesy music, you get a technician on line who asks complicated questions and, finally, asks you to reboot your computer. By the time the computer has rebooted – mind you, without solving your problem – the telephone line has mysteriously broken, in the middle of another cheesy tune.
That familiar? What about this?

Scenario three:

You have a warranty – your computer is only a few weeks old, even – but you have to disconnect, pack up and transport your computer to them for any type of support. Upon arriving at the store with your heavy computer and the components, the clerk tells you that you have come at a busy period. “Mind leaving your computer and coming back on… Tuesday week?. I am sure it’ll be ready then. Our engineers will call you if they need anything. Cheers!”
What a warranty! What a support!

What we offer: hassle free installation

For complete peace of mind, we offer installation service for your computer hardware, software and network equipment. We will set up your computer to work with your printer and other equipment that you have, and show you how to use them. If required, our engineers will set up your Internet connection or email for you.

Our vast experience of handling a wide range of installation and configuration work - from a simple memory upgrade to the installation and networking of many computers - allows us to carry out your installation to the highest standard.

We will load all necessary drivers and connect you to the Internet.

Our engineer will give you a demonstration to show you the many features and how you can make the most of your new computer. We will give you good housekeeping rules on computer usage, virus protection, file management, shut down, etc.

The services we can offer also include:

Biksafe -

– for new computer purchasing, installations, repairs, cleaning, virus checks, and upgrades.
– for service at your own home or business premises
– for support when and where you need it
– for affordable hourly rates and no call-out charge

Want to know more?

Please, contact us for more information on how we can help your organisation, or:
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