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From Consultancy to Procurement, from Project Management to Asset Management and Recovery, from Marketing to Security, Biksafe provides all the ICT services your business needs to help it run smoothly. For the Home user, we are there 24-7 for all your computer worries. Biksafe is a company that puts you first – for service, advice and support.

Technical and consultancy

Biksafe is dedicated to making use of the latest technologies, methods and skills to deliver effective and creative solutions. We feel that creativity is as much about effective use of technologies as it is about the 'look and feel' of a web site. Our web development team has some of the industry’s most advanced skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript through to Dynamic HTML and Flash. We are also able to offer strategic technical consultancy to allow the best technologies to be chosen and to ensure that the client’s web presence makes use of the best features that new technologies can offer. We take care to keep abreast of the latest technologies so that we can effectively advise clients and continually refine and develop our clients’ web communication strategies.

As new multimedia technologies have emerged which allow rich, multimedia content, we have embraced them to enhance the site user’s experience. Streaming media, Flash, Dynamic HTML, mp3 and other technologies are all widely, but judiciously used and we constantly explore new technologies as they are released. Being aware of our ever-changing industry allows us to rapidly assess technologies and develop the skills which allow us to make use of new applications as they reach the market.

Biksafe’s creative use of technologies enables us to deliver real value (both in terms of user experience and rapid response). We are constantly striving to make the best use of the opportunities which new technology presents whilst clearly understanding that enhancing the users’ experience of a site is of paramount importance.

Biksafe's team

The production team at Biksafe have all the skills needed to build quality web sites. These include a thorough understanding of all the languages of website design, from HTML, to CSS, JavaScript, Java, DHTML, to XML.

We also have a wide range of skills within the design team. Above all we have a great passion for the Internet and related technologies and considerable knowledge and experience of how to apply these within the framework of our creative ideas to provide the most functional and practical solutions. Our main focus when considering client design needs is to ensure that the solutions provided take into account ease of navigation, pleasing and entertaining aesthetics, consistent branding, and information-delivery and functionality.


We have further augmented our strategic capabilities as part of our ongoing commitment to offer clients the best strategic advice in the business. The web is a new communication tool/channel that needs to be used to its best advantage and ever more, our clients want to see a fusion of old- and new-style brand strategies. To this end, we have a dedicated strategist with a background in brand development for traditional media as well as the passion and innovation needed in this evolving market. These skills, in combination with Biksafe’s understanding of the various opportunities presented by the medium and newly emerging technologies, give our clients a complete strategic offering.

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