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Commitment fees

In most circumstances, Biksafe will only commence work on behalf of clients following receipt of a commitment fee. This charge would equate to approximately 30% of the contract/project value. Biksafe will provide clients with a Project Confirmation Form outlining the project to be undertaken and the agreed budget/s. The client will provide Biksafe with the signed Confirmation Form and a Purchase Order reflecting the agreed charges.

Final payment

Once Biksafe has completed a given project or task, this will be communicated to the client and final client sign off will be sought. It would be intended that the timing of this would coincide with the agreed final delivery date and the final payment.

Out of pocket expenses

Biksafe will, during the client relationship, charge for all out of pocket expenses. A handling charge of 15% is added to all expenses, where relevant, except office services and travel expenses. (Biksafe Ventures Limited does not charge VAT).

Hardware / software purchasing and licensing

Unless agreed in writing, all costs for hardware, software and licensing purchased on behalf of clients, will be invoiced in advance. Biksafe Ventures Limited will levy a handling charge of 15% at such times.

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