Computer disposal


Computer disposal

Are you running out of storage room?
Do you want to dispose of old equipment?

Biksafe offers an environmentally friendly, affordable and convenient disposal programme for you unwanted hardware.

Our complete disposal service includes:

  • Data security:
    All data is erased from hard drives. We remove tags and lables from equipment and overwrite the hard disk for your peace of mind.

  • Storage solution:
    When you give your old equipment to us for disposal, you reduce or totally eliminate the cost of storing unwanted computer components in your premises

  • Asset management:
    Your unwanted computer components can be sold and a percentage of the sales price returned to you. Or, if you prefer, your old equipment can be refurbished and donated to a charity of your choice on your behalf. A detailed data security and disposal report is provided for your IT asset management
  • Want to know more?

    Please, contact us for more information on how we can help your organisation, or:
    Tel: 01634 297 335
    Fax: 08701 333 055

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