Asset management


Asset management

Accurate information of your asset is essential for the smooth running of your organisation.
Of course, your IT Manager may have a record of all your hardware but is the data complete and accurate?
Do you have a register of all the software and applications in your organisation?
Do you know who is using what and when?
Is this data currently available in the organisation?
Is the data up to date?
Are your Licensing requirements being met?
If your system breaks down now, how quickly will you be up and running?
Do you have enough information to monitor and insure your assets?

How Biksafe will manage your assets

This is how Biksafe can help you manage your assets more effectively:

We will record and register all your assets and make regular back-up copies of your data and records.

Security audits
Our security audit will assess your organisationís security policies and recommend solutions to enable you prepare against attacks through security flaws. We have vast knowledge of security issues over networks and the Internet and are strategically placed to provide the right answer to your needs. Visit our security page.

Biksafe will maintain your hard and software assets, based on the number of equipment or software, and not on the time we spend on the job. This translates to a great financial benefit for you, because our fees are fixed and we will get the job done, no matter what it takes!

Software upgrades
When you require a software upgrade, our Management will provide the information to purchase the correct amount of licenses and the assurance that your hardware specifications are suitable for the new software.

Our Management system will provide the right information for your Helpdesk. We believe that a helpdesk is only as efficient as the information it possesses. We will make sure that your helpdesk has accurate information on your hardware and connected peripherals, and our software, in order to correctly diagnose and resolve any problem with minimal time loss.

Disaster recovery
And in the event of a disaster, our accurate and up to date data will help your organisation get back on its feet quickly.

Each computer in an organisation has various associated overheads, such as hardware and software costs, maintenance costs, user training, peripherals and many more. Our audit will let you achieve considerable cost savings and efficiently and profitably manage your business.

Accurate asset data will save you a lot of resources, financial and material. Biksafe will provide a continuous management process that will be of benefit to your organisation and ensure that you are a legally compliant. Not only that, we will regularly review and amend your data when required, especially when you introduce new technology and systems into your organisation.

Asset recovery and disposal services

As part of our services, Biksafe offers an asset recovery and disposal programme that is suitable for your business. Our services cover:
Desktops (including monitors)
Computer peripherals

Asset recovery - Recover data and parts from old equipment. These can be resold and a percentage of the final sales price returned to you. Alternatively, we can gift the refurbished equipment to charity in your name.
Disposal - If the equipment has no resale value, we will dispose of them according to Local and EU requirements and guidelines.
After the disposal of your old equipment, we will supply you with a concluding report for your Asset Management register.

Want to know more?

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